Educational Outreach

Fun water activities for kids

North Alamo Water Supply is committed to teaching children how water plays a vital role in our lives, and the importance of protecting and conserving the Valley’s most precious natural resource.

Nora N. Garza, M.S., Outreach Coordinator, presents the workshops.

North Alamo Water Supply Corp. invites your school or youth group to join us for a water safari as we explore the awesome world of water. Kids will learn about the physical and chemical properties of water as they investigate the Hydrologic Cycle, Water Conservation, Molecular Structure, Scientific Method, and How Drinking Water is Processed.

These educational workshops are targeted for fifth-grade science classes, but they can be modified for any grade, with puppets and games for kindergarten through second.

Workshops can be held for a large group or for individual classes for a more hands-on experience.

We bring this exciting FREE workshop to your school. All supplies are furnished.

If you’d prefer a field trip, we invite you to tour one of our water plants. Tours are available for students 10 years or older and are limited to a maximum of 30 students.

For more information and to schedule a workshop, please contact Nora N. Garza, Outreach Coordinator, at 956-383-1618.